What we Do

Corrective Exercise

for the Whole Body

Many health and wellness practitioners look at pain as segmented parts and only look to treat the symptom. At Optimal Function Physical Therapy and Wellness, we believe in treating the whole person and the whole body. Everything in the body works together to create movement, and if one area is not functioning properly, it can affect a person’s entire physiology.

Taking the Time to Diagnose

We have designed our clinic with our clients in mind. We schedule plenty of time for each appointment to sit down and really get to know our clients. Whether you are coming in for your initial evaluation or a follow-up, we will spend the necessary time with you to determine your goals, your lifestyle, your pain points, and find out why they are occurring. We never offer a blanket solution to treat symptoms, and instead, work closely with you to find the source of your pain and treat it so it goes away for good.

Using Movement as Medicine

Our treatment philosophy revolves around the belief that movement is medicine. Because of this, the majority of our treatment plans involve corrective exercises and mobilizations, which not only target the source of pain, but work to strengthen any weak areas in the body to prevent pain from happening in the future. We use a combination of movement and body awareness to help empower our clients so they can feel their absolute best in their bodies.

Serving as the Translators Between Doctors and Patients

When it comes to physical ailments, health professionals often use medical terms that confuse patients and do not help them understand the inner workings of the body. At Optimal Function Physical Therapy and Wellness, we want to serve as the translators between doctors and patients where we can describe what these medical terms mean and what that means for the body. As specialists in the musculoskeletal system, we take the time to really dive in and find the cause of pain to help our clients avoid unnecessary and expensive medical treatment or procedures and we have hands-on tests and measures that can, at times,  be as effective as an MRI. 

Whether you are in pain or want to learn more about how to build your body’s strength and resilience, we can help!

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